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How Time Flies…

Here's one I originally conjured up.. one fine Spring day.. I love the juxtaposition between each sentiment, expressed in colour.. to be read individually, and as one 💚🧡

I was talking about ‘how time flies’, with a friend this past weekend. And today, even though it's Summer.. I sensed a fragrant 💐 bouquet in the air, as I dashed by, in the ☀Sunshine.. reminiscent of the budding delights, and the uplifting 🌸 blossom, which arrives, with the joy, and spirit of Spring.

What a fusion.. what a delight to the senses.. what a Beautiful 🌍 World we live in 🌻🌿🪷🌼🌱🌷We are so lucky to enjoy every Season… and so blessed to experience it again, each year 🌸☀️🍁❄️ Love and celebrate each Season, and protect the Environment 🌳🐾🐝🦋🪴

I thank the Universe for enhancing my life, and for the sheer delight of Nature 🙏 It’s simply sublime ☺

#LoveNature #BeautifulWorld #ThankYouUniverse #ProtectTheEnvironment #LoveLife #art #poetry #creativity


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I suppose I'll post an array of thoughts, accompanied by photos, pictures, sounds and videos.. whenever I feel inspired.

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